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E-Invoicing Module

Data mismatch due to entry errors and subsequent escalations are key challenges related to e-invoicing that cause unwanted time and effort duplication.

Go4GST’s E-Invoicing module is THE solution! Automate and enjoy seamless invoice generation with our E-Invoicing module.

Easy Reconciliation

Ease of data reconciliation through seamless e-Invoice generation

Backward Integration

Automation of tax return filing processes through backward integration.

Real Time Tracking

Real-time tracking of supplier invoices.
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Frequently Asked Questions

E-Invoicing is a new invoicing system introduced in the GST regime. This system does not generate invoices from a central portal of the tax department, but it only specifies the invoice schema and standard so that the e-invoices generated can be read and operated by all accounting/billing software and businesses uniformly. Businesses will have to create B2B invoices on their internal systems – whether ERP or any other accounting/billing system and get the invoice authenticated electronically by the Government.
E-Invoicing is mandatorily applicable from 1st October, 2020 for all GST registered businesses whose annual turnover in the financial year exceeds INR 500 crores.
Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) is a portal managed by the Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) to authenticate invoices. After verifying the details in the invoice submitted by the taxpayer, the IRP generates a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN), Quick Response (QR) code and digitally signs the invoice. The IRP will electronically send the signed e-invoice back to the taxpayer.
The hash computed by the IRP is the IRN (Invoice Reference Number). In other words, IRN is a 64 character unique number generated by the IRP for each invoice uploaded by the taxpayer. This IRN is a combination of the Supplier GSTIN + Financial Year + Document Type + Document Number. It will be a unique identifier for each invoice.
Supplier invoice
Credit note
Debit note
Reverse charge invoice
Any other documents as required by law

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